Thursday, July 22, 2010

We've Arrived!

Necedah is like a wonderland for cranes. We've moved everything over to the wildlife refuge; all of our personal belongings, the food, the costumes, the puppets, and of course, the cranes.

Everyone is safe and seems very happy in their new homes. They have soooo much room out there! They can catch bugs all day and sleep in the grass whenever they want.

I was out with the birds all day, yesterday, walking around the marshes. We've started wearing hip-waders under our costumes, and trust me, we need them! We take every step after calculated estimate of mud-sturdiness. Nothing like chasing after a grasshopper in the grass only to stumble into a hole and submerge your boot. The cranes looked at me funny when I flailed to catch my balance.

Then I got to look at them funny when each of them fell into mud-traps. That'll teach them. :P

Now that I've seen the cranes out there, I can tell who's really great at hunting, and which ones are really good at exploring. One of our smallest, Havarti, really makes up for her short stature by being one of the best hunters. I've seen her take down the biggest and fastest bugs while the larger birds are staring off into the sky.

There are so many new places to explore, I can't wait to take them to the berry pit.

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