Monday, July 5, 2010

Not getting attached!

I know we're not supposed to get attached to these cranes. They're wild animals. They are really vicious in the wild (I've seen scars that birds from previous years left on their former 'crane mommies').

But I LOVE baby Saganaki!!!!!!!!

I can't help it.

He runs everywhere! he's go so much enthusiasm for life. The other day I left his run, turned around and looked in on him from the spyglass, and he was dancing around! Hopping and stumbling, he had his wings out to balance himself, happy as can be.

He stopped for a little, looked down at his water dish, put both feet in the bowl, bent down to drink. Then he got up and started dancing around again. I just can't stand how cute he is.

He makes me giggle like a little girl. :D

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