Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let's all go to Space Mountain!

This is Kari's analogy that she crafted while crane-mommying a party of 4. It's so funny I had to share it here.

Taking out 4 chicks to the South East Pond is like being a single mother with four kids at Disney World. First, you get everyone into the car and say, "we're going on a trip to Disney World, where do you wanna go, guys?" They all start screaming, "Oh boy! Oh boy! We wanna go to Space Mountain!!"

So everyone starts running to space mountain. But Fontina's afraid. She says, "but I don't want to go to space mountain, I can't see it and it looks so far away. I think I'll just sit here in the picnic area."

So you leave the other kids in line to space mountain, and you go back to Fontina and say, "but I'm a single mother, and we all have to stick together. It's not scary. I promise, Space Mountain is super fun! you're going to have a good time at Space Mountain."

Fontina looks up at you doubtfully and starts shuffling away, so you say, "if I leave you here, you're going to be kidnapped and raped, so you have to come with me so we can all be together. I just left those other kids in line and they could be kidnapped and raped if we don't get back to them soon! We have to get back to our spot in the line to Space Mountain."

So you bribe Fontina by giving her candies, and maybe she won't notice you are heading back to the line to space mountain. Maybe when she gets back to line, the other kids can convince her of how fun it will be.

Eventually, you get to Space Mountain, and everyone starts running to the water and they all take baths, and you say, "you see, Fontina? I told you Space Mountain is awesome!" Then she agrees as she finds all the goodies she can handle and makes new discoveries while she explores Space Mountain.

This is a picture of 'space mountain': Fontina is the one closest to the camera.

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