Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The loss of Superchick

I got bad news today. In one of my previous posts (Link with pics), I was tracking a nesting pair of cranes in the wild. They had 1 baby, which we named Super Chick.

He walked over a mile a day! He and his parents would walk from the marsh I was tracking him in, to the next marsh over, and back again. Unfortunately, he lost his mother about a week ago. Which is another aching loss for our program (we only have about 100 birds, we don't have any to spare!)

His father protected him alone for an entire week, which makes him Superdad. Sadly, the battle was lost, and we will mourn baby Superchick.

[update from the field 10/10/10: The female of this pair was not lost! She returned to him sometime during the summer and the pair were seen together in their territory and on the refuge off and on during the following months. We're so glad that she's alive. She was the very first DAR bird released. She flew 450 miles on her Very First migration on Thanksgiving day in 2005.]

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