Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Vole! Food Fight!!!

I was with Nacho, Pepper Jack, and Gouda in our new home, when suddenly, something caught Nacho's eye. He lunged at it, but didn't catch anything. Then I heard the rustle, too. Gouda's attention caught, he jumped at the opportunity to catch it. Effectively, what happened was nacho and Gouda caught the vole together. But no one was happy with splitting the prize, so an all-out rumble broke out between the 3 of them.

Stealing, chasing, grabbing, and squealing, they all got so involved with fighting each other, that at one point, someone put down the vole, and they continued fighting between each other and wandered away from the prize!!! I couldn't let it go. I was like, "c'mon guys!!! you caught something awesome, now you gotta eat it!" Then I pointed at it, and Gouda remembered, quickly nabbed it, and the chasing continued.

Pics below of the scene:

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