Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend at Necedah

This weekend I had 2 main tasks: 1. Track wild birds and make sure their chicks are still alive, and 2. Get the chick house ready for the big move. It's official that we are moving on the 15th. Right now, that's about a week away. There's so much to do! (again)

I took a few pics with my phone from this weekend. I also took a few wildlife pics from some friends. (My camera's supposed to arrive soon! It's going to be so much better!)

This first one I took when I arrived at the Refuge. The frog wasn't super excited to be in my hand, but he stayed there long enough to get a good camera phone shot. That either says that he was really scared, or he was enjoying the heat of my hand.

This is a porcupine hogging the two-track. Talk about a slowpoke!

The chicks up there are almost getting as big as Nacho! These two were such good parents, the chick would walk back and forth between the parents as they alternatively offered him goodies from the swamp.

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