Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Dorm Life

Pictures will be here once Kim sends my battery charger from Saginaw. (Ahem, kim...)

It feels like college. Well, maybe it feels like home. I live with 6 other people, and two more are coming. We all rattle around in this guesthouse. The "guesthouse" is a combination of guest housing and offices located in the basement. I'll do my own thing in my room until I emerge to cook, then I may see another live figure ghosting around the kitchen or commons area (which includes an enormous TV and several large comfy couches). We'll chat, someone will start picking at the guitar. Someone else emerges and turns on the TV or does a puzzle. We hang out in the kitchen around the ENORMOUS island (see Pic below). Then we'll retire to our rooms or go out on the town.

Last night, we went out. I got all dolled up because I didn't know when I'd be going out next --though I don't know if wearing mostly black counts as "dolled up." We went to a local bookshop called "The Village Booksmith & Coffeehouse," where a couple of guys hang out on Wednesdays shooting the shit and playing good music. Technically, the event is an open mic night, but there's no mic. Just these guys that show up on Wednesdays, like they have for the past 15 years. Occasionally, they'll get someone to join in. We almost convinced our Canadian friend to step up to the plate, but he sank a little lower in his chair and took a pass.

Baraboo is a surprisingly entertaining little town. There's a lot of cool stuff going on here and there's a lot of outdoorsy stuff! They have Devil's Lake and Mirror Lake which include camping and canoeing, hiking and daytime walks. There's also another conservation group in the area: the Aldo Leopold Foundation. I guess they have a bunch of interns, too, and we all get together to compete for the volleyball conservation cup.

The next two interns to arrive will be my co-workers in the Direct Autumn Release (DAR) program. I can't wait to meet them. I hope they're cool, because I'll be spending the whole summer not only working with them, but living with them. (Image is of Eric, intern who's been here the longest, by the ENORMOUS island)

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