Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time to Relax

After a full day of disinfecting... you know, it's nice that this organization has an army of interns that can take the time to literally disinfect the ceilings, walls, and floors by hand. Not many organizations have that... it's time to relax on a beautiful Sunday evening.

My friend Kristin, who is a Field Ecology Department (fed) intern, has purchased several $2 bottles of wine. I brought some cheese. There are talks of watching the Lord of the Rings.

The last DAR intern has arrived, Brittany. She seems nice. Ironically, she and Kari graduated high school together in the same class and haven't met, yet. I'll let you know how the evening turns out, but if it's anything like last night; falling asleep to the sounds of frogs and night insects, it's going to be perfect.

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