Friday, January 28, 2011

Eating everything out of the fridge, again!

This  tracking job is really unpredictable. I'm surprised I ever buy groceries... except that by the time I settle into a place for longer than a couple days it feels like a luxury vacation, and I want to eat well. However, when it's time to move, I inevitably have to finish off my reserves, because I don't want to haul food around in the van. I especially don't want perishables in the van. It's not like I can cook up a meal in my hotel room.

I'm on the move again. I gave away the remaining beer in the fridge again. This is the 6th barely touched 6-pack of local microbrew that I've given away in the past 3 months. I'm constantly leaving behind eggs, butter, potatoes, celery, and carrots for others to consume. That means by the time I reach the next location, I have to buy those things again. At least my spices will travel with me. It would be unreasonably expensive to replace the spices.

Since I'm replacing my kitchen all the time, I've made an art out of grocery shopping for the ephemeral stay:
  • Potatoes (cheap, can travel, several good meals)
  • Various veggies (no fridge or cooking needed)
  • Eggs (cheap, several good meals)
  • Bread
  • Beer (in my case, it is obviously not to be consumed; just looked at)
  • Mayo and Mustard (to go with the eggs. No one feels bad about leaving those behind)
  • Soup (they are cheap, they keep, and they round out the veggies)
  • 2 fruits per day (yum. best part of the day)
  • Granola bars (these days, granola isn't really "health food" but I try to stick to the better kinds. Also, you don't need milk to eat them, unlike cereal)
  • Milk (just a pint or two for a different beverage than water, also doubles up for scramble eggs and mashed potatoes)
Sometimes, I'll get a little saucy and purchase an avocado or two to make veggie dip. I've been thinking about trying avocado/egg sandwich...

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  1. hi love - carrots and potatoes can TOTALLY survive in your car. We had them as part of our winter foodshare in Massachusetts and they last a damn long time in a cold van/cellar. Celery should also be able to make it a few days.