Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Still being a crane

Walk outside, summon baby to follow.
We emerge from the sand into bright sunlight and fresh grass.

I scope for bugs and edible plants,
the baby beelines for the pond.
I summon louder for the baby. We're not going that way!
we're going to find bugs!

Found a moth! Snap!
snap Snap! Take it to the baby.

I preen a little while he's eating, watch the sky and scout for more moths.
It's hot, must be time to go to the pond...

I walk stately towards the pond,
He runs, wings open, mouth agape, almost tripping over his feet

I forage in the water, he swims.
I forage some more, he goes to shore to forage.

the other crane watches. I watch her
and she notices. She begins to dance,
wings open, bobbing her head, asking me to join her in her dance.

I sadly pass. and purr to the baby to come back inside.

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