Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's gettting busy!

We've got 10 crane-babies right now and one on the way.

Nacho, Pepper Jack, Gouda, Roquefort, Brie, Havarti, Ricotta, and Fontina. The last two will be named today or tomorrow... I'm voting for maybe bleu or goat.

It's crazy to see the size difference between the oldest (3 weeks old) and the youngest (2 days old). Nacho is the height of my hand and forearm and little bleu is only as tall as my fingers! So itty bitty.

We spend time with each of the chicks walking around the yard so they get exercise 2x daily. Usually the chicks are out there separately so there won't be any altercations (they fight for dominance as the dominant chick usually gets more food from the mother). Nacho gets 2 hours 2x daily, PJ gets 1.5 hours 2x, and so on. This means a LOT of time out in the yards with each bird. We usually only have 4 people available to work, so that keeps everyone constantly busy. I'm glad I found a good costume (lightweight, good visibility, short so the bottom doesn't get too wet), because I've been spending a lot of time in it.

Unfortunately, I submerged my boots yesterday, so they are still wet. My feet are starting to smell from being in the boots so often. I wash them when I can, but it's unavoidable. I'm thinking about getting some dr. scholls for them.

This morning, I fed bleu, walked outside with fontina for 20 minutes, recorded my notes, cleaned runs, walked outside with Gouda for an hour and a half (he's bigger, so I kept him walking the whole time), recorded notes, then fed goat.

Blessed lunch, gives time for my feet to breath.

I'm going back right now, probably to spend 2 hours out there with Nacho and a few smaller intervals with the littler guys. Wish me luck! Hope it doesn't rain.

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