Monday, June 21, 2010

Crane-baby update

Nacho is getting HUGE!!! He looks like a little turkey. Taffy, an aviculturist here, thinks they look like dinosaurs. I guess I can see that. Anyway, he is definitely as tall as my mid-thigh.

You can see here, he LOVES spider-wort. Once you introduce them to the fence-line of spiderwort flowers, they don't stop until they have decimated the entire population (it comes back daily because there are so many buds on one stalk). We are also doing a good job ridding the plains of what looks like Japanese beetles (no natural predators, my butt).

Nacho is 4 weeks old, but he seems so huge! We still have chicks hatching and they are so tiny by comparison.

Enough talk, here are the pictures! All the pictures are shot from behind so the chicks don't see the camera.

Nacho and Spiderwort!

Pepper Jack taking a 5 minute break in the field.

Here's a video of Nacho taking a bath, it's SO cute. The black stuff is my sleeve blowing in the wind.

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