Saturday, September 4, 2010

Floating Mats 1, Mario 0

I had a rough night, tonight.

You know how in Super Mario World when you land on the floating mat and stay on it too long, then the floating mat falls and you fall with it into the dark nothingness? Then it's awesome because you get a new body and you get to start over like nothing happened. There's no residual damage in Mario world.

I lost my game versus the floating mats early in the evening which left hours of fun for me to enjoy. No new body. No new clothes. I just got to hang out in the dark nothingness for hours.

I stumbled and fell in the marsh wetting my clothes all the way up to my chest. I can handle that. A little bit of water leaked into my boot over the top. I can handle that, too. The bird I was watching didn't want to leave the marsh, though. For 2 hours I stumbled through those floating mats, and every time I fell the water would leak into my boot a little more. Eventually my boot became a bucket. Yup, water was flowing into my boot so fast I had a few swamp critters in there feasting on my flesh. I just had to deal with it, too. Wet undies, heavy boots, a wet camera and a sad puppet. This night couldn't have ended fast enough.

Though I guess it balances out the wonderful morning I had with the chicks. Everyone was so good this morning and we even got a few more fledged!!!

Maybe even baby Saganaki!!


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