Thursday, September 23, 2010

Changing Seasons

If you'll notice, I haven't been posting very much lately. This is because big change is in the air. I'm not always sure what's going on, but I'm getting a feel for the new situation.

They are taking me away from working with the cranes! Good bye my babies! It's a little sad to think I won't be working with them anymore. It had to happen sometime, of course, but I feel like they still like me. I know who they are, their little quirks, what makes them happiest. (The other day I collected several clover flowers for Havarti, but I won't be doing that anymore)

I've been assigned several paper projects and I'll be tracking whooping cranes on the refuge until the end of my internship. Well... not just until the end of my internship... :D

I was hired as the new Tracking Intern!!! I'll be with the cranes through their migration south, maybe during the winter months, hanging out in Chassawitzka (sp?), and then migrating back in the spring!!!!

When my internship with the USFWS ends, ICF will keep me on. It feels amazing that I'm able to stay with this project and (of course) the birds. I'm not going to lie. I've really come to like the project and the people here. There is so much passion and so much talent on this project it's hard not to feel inspired.

I'll try to keep you all updated on the chicks as much as possible, but definitely look forward to more tracking experiences and pictures of adult whooping cranes. Maybe I'll even be able to post pictures of other critters on the wildlife refuge.

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