Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chick Release Part 3: The Release

Group 2 (Nacho, Pepper Jack, Havarti, and Goat) did not give us as much trouble as group one being crated up. We had a little trouble with getting goat in the crate, but everyone was settled in the end. It was getting to be around dusk (after 6:00) when we released the chicks on the west side.

Unfortunately, the chicks didn't even walk out of the boxes, this time. We enticed them out with treats, and we encouraged them to walk to the marsh down below the road side. They weren't having any of it. They just kept standing on the road. We got back in the van and tried the previous technique with lights and horns, but the chicks never flew.

At this time, while we were still dealing with the chicks not leaving the road, Eva calls from the north to tell us that Roq and Ric have gone into the woods. The chicks should be roosting in the water, not in the woods. There are many more dangers in the woods, so in previous years we've caught up birds roosting in the woods and physically taken them back to site 3.

Richard and I are left with the West Side Crew while Marianne and Aubrey go to fetch supplies to help Eva in the north (Hip waders, extra costumes, flashlights, a box or 2, medical kit, etc).

Eventually our chicks do fly! I was startled because it is now after dark. I can barely make out their forms in the darkness over my vehicle as they circle around together looking for a place to land.

Yay!! They are released! I've been assigned to stay with these chicks until they land and watch them to make sure they don't rooste in the woods.

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