Friday, August 20, 2010

The Floating Mats

Some of the marshes have developed in a peculiar manner. Strange mats of floating grass and mud create endless hours of fun for both the birds and the costumes.

When I step on a mat, it sinks so one foot will be high while the other is still low on the bottom, creating a perpetual step-aerobic workout with the added pleasure of doing it in viscous, muddy water wearing steal-toe hip boots. I have discovered it's much easier to avoid stepping on the mats altogether.

When the birds step on a mat, they may get lucky by finding a mat secure enough to support their weight, creating the perfect resting place that is safe from predators while additionally providing them the perfect predatory vantage point above the water. They may not be so lucky, finding the mat is nothing but a floating glob of grass that wouldn't support the weight of a dragonfly. It's a bit of a gamble, but they persist in trying to stay on top of the water. Please enjoy the video I've taken of Nacho's natural grace in navigating the treacherous floating mats.

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