Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Living Situation

Since we've moved to Necedah, the 3 of us girls have been living in a trailer home. It's nice enough and the refuge has been generous to provide us with all the living necessities. We even have an enormous turn-around driveway.

Other than the mosquito population explosion over the past week, I've got nothing to complain about.

Sadly, though, our trio is about to become a duet! Brittani is going home. We're sending her off with a good-bye bash at a vegetarian restaurant this weekend.

It'll be just Kari and me until Richard decides to hire someone new. Kari was thinking we should do the interviews because we could tell the applicants what to expect...

- can you handle standing in the hot, hot sun for hours wearing a burka? Yes? good.

- do you have a lot - let me emphasize this: A LOT - of patience when dealing with animals? Yes? good

- do you like mosquitoes? trick question, no one does.

- do you enjoy either eating only vegetables/what you can obtain from the Kwik Trip or driving 30 minutes to the nearest grocery store? Sorry, no other option. your opinion doesn't matter.

- do you enjoy drinking yellow-but-still-safe-according-to-Wisconsin-minimum-standards water? I do. It feels deliciously cold after standing in that sun.

- can you handle 2 roomates who cook all the time, possibly using all the dishes in the house in one day? I hope you do, because what we cook is delicious and nutritious.

- finally, can you stand living 20 yards from an internet connection, yet still have to drive into town to be able to connect to the internet? If you can handle that, you can handle anything they throw at you.


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