Friday, June 10, 2011

23 and 26 update

26-10 (Goat) and 23-10 (Ricotta)
26-10 and 23-10 are doing well up in Dunn County, WI. We've received some reports from the public who have observed them up there since May 8th. Along with the sightings, they sent some wonderful pictures that I wanted to share.

Before they arrived in Dunn County, they were reported in Indiana. Dan, the observer, sent us this little story:

I checked on #'s 23 and 26-10 in Scott County this morning.  When I
arrived at 8 AM they were about .6 of a mile back away from the road.
They were walking fast in single file in an open area.   Seemed odd and
so I stayed to watch.  Once they got close to a wooded area they turned
and raised their wings.  And started running.  
At first I thought they were taking flight until I saw the coyote
running away from them.  I had to put the spotting scope on it to
confirm, yes it was a coyote they were chasing!  Once the coyote got
some distance between them it slowed down and walked away with it's tail
between it's legs.

The birds slowly walked back out to the flooded fields.  Man I wish I
had been close enough to photograph that!

I wish he was close enough, too! Well, I'm proud of these two birds. 26 and 23 survived many ordeals together, and I think Dan's story shows that they've become stronger (and more intimidating) as they've grown. Since they are male and female, respectively, I wonder if they will stay together. Only time will tell, but I think they make a cute couple, don't you?

23-10 and 26-10 roosting
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reports a crane sighting. Thank you for the pictures, and thank you for helping us keep track of our ever growing population.

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