Thursday, April 7, 2011

Inspired again

Not just to blog, though. I'm inspired to WRITE!!!!

I've been working on my masters for 4 years, now. It wasn't the coursework or the degree requirements that have been holding me up. That was the easy part. The hard part about all of this was finding a project for my masters, deciding to move forward with that, and then finishing the darn thing. I can feel it, now. I have the support I need, and there is a place for this project.

Yes, of course it's going to be about Whooping Cranes of the "white" color morph (that's just a joke, they only come in white, but an article I read today clarified that they were discussing only white whoopers). It's going to be about their migratory patterns and it will discuss the differences between the Ultralight and the DAR migrations. It's relevant, it's paper-based, and I see a way to accomplish my goals. These are 3 ingredients for success.

Wait, friends! before you say anything, please don't congratulate me. I haven't written anything yet. I once heard that the worst thing you can do for yourself is announce to the world your anticipated success. This is because someone will inevitably congratulate you and you'll get a small false high of "reward" feeling. After you've experience that reward, you don't feel as though you need to drive yourself to achieve the end result. So if feel the need to say something, be prying or non-committal.

I can't wait to write for the Crane Foundation. I can't wait to start organizing my thoughts into paragraph forms. Next few posts: Crane baby pictures and more Crane Drama! Stay tuned.

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  1. Go-go-gadget THESIS! Seeeriously man imagine how good it'll feel to have that done and out of your life!