Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creature Comforts

I'll admit, I'm ready to get off the road. I haven't been able to unpack my backpack in over a month (except on laundry days, but then all my stuff quickly goes back into the bag).

I find myself wanting to stop and purchase things. I'll see a sign for Target and get the urge to stop in and buy a blanket (a nice, soft squishy one). I've been seeking out how to pass by a Lush bath products store.... I don't have room in my bag for extra bath products, and I certainly don't have room on the plane for an extra blanket! I think these urges to purchase items stem from my lack of stability in life. I'm trying to nest without having a place to start building. I just need to remind myself that I will be back in Wisconsin soon. I can live without Stuff for another two weeks. I can make do with sleepingbag, tea, and tiny laptop. All the rest was just clutter, anyway.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me vent. I'm fighting the good fight out here, and I'm hoping to see some cranes soon.


  1. I think it is incredibly intuitive of you to recognize the need to buy stuff = need to stop the lack of stability. You can do it! You're full of everything that is important anyhow. I love you Jen and can't wait for you to have more stability either :)

  2. Thanks Em! less than a week left... I'm crocheting a blanket rather than buying one. I think I can make it. :D